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Santa is now out delivering presents to all the boys and girls.
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Baytree Winter Wonderland 2020

The magic is back at Baytree Winter Wonderland, once again we will make Christmas as special as only we can.

This year, each booking is restricted to no more than five people as Santa Claus would make your group size up to six, the maximum allowed under current Government legislation.

Winding your way through the snow-covered trees you will arrive at Ivan the Elf’s brand new Santa Sleigh ride at the heart of the Winter Wonderland.

Once you have disembarked, you will follow the trail past singing reindeers, polar bears, and some rather colourful snowmen, along the trail you will arrive at Santa’s lodge. Waiting to welcome you will be one of Santa’s many helpers who will introduce you to the big man himself. Keep an eye on Santa’s magical fireplace where the children’s presents will appear.

Having waved goodbye, make your way to Santa’s photo booth where each child who has received a present can collect their Santa experience photograph. Continuing on your merry way there are loads more displays to look at, everywhere you look something is happening, so keep your eyes peeled. We truly believe your visit to Baytree Winter Wonderland will be an unforgettable experience for both young and old.